Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, how about an update on my current activities? Still working weekend nights, of course. Becca and i both got on Facebook recently, and I've made contact with many old friends from the deep, deep past, or so it seems. Just did the new bamboo floor in Aubrey and Amanda's room last week, gotta work on making a closet organizer now. Also, I'm very disappointed with every clothes-dresser we've ever had . . . I better make some for our kids, and also for our own room. I think finally having enough room for everyone's clothes to easily fit might just make a big difference in our laundry routine, and therefore in our daily lives.
Perhaps I'll order some drawer slides from work tonight or tomorrow, and work out a design plan. I just finished 'fixing' Amanda's bed, with the two drawers under it, but it's' so cheaply constructed! And Aubrey's bed frame broke, and I hate ours! So maybe some platform beds are in our near future. But the garage is such a mess I can't work in it, and every time I get started, I very quickly get overwhelmed. Can't find anything in there. That's why the kitchen isn't done yet, and everything else. Gotta get myself motivated! Maybe if I get a couple smaller jobs done, it'll be easier to work up to the bigger ones. Anyway, I hope so!
Becca's working on her thesis, it's coming along, but she's frustrated with her progress. She needs a rough draft by Aug 1st, I think.
Amanda broke her ankle Wednesday night. She was at Grandma's while Becca and I went with Karleen and Gene to see the new transformers movie. She took out the trash wearing heelies, and fell on the sidewalk. Looked like a sprain, or maybe a fibular avulsion at first, in the morning she couldn't walk on it. So we went to the Doctor's office about noon, then to the orthopod, Dr. Webb's. Then over to St Al's for a CT, but Aetna requires pre-approval. Couldn't get that till Fri Morning, so it was about noon Fri when we found out that Amanda doesn't have to go to surgery. Yay!
Xander is talking better all the time. It's fun when we can understand what he's saying. He really likes "puppies" and he'll say, "Awww! Cute puppy!" Potty training is still hit and miss. But Friday he went into the bathroom, got down the booster seat, put it on the toilet, climbed up and peed all by himself without telling anyone. So maybe there's hope???
The girls have been playing a lot of Kung Fu Panda on the xbox. Camille is supposed to be getting a stomach bypass surgery, Big Randy can't work due to health problems. Paige is living with Karleen and Gene now. Little Randy is living with Chris. I'm still waiting to hear from Boise police or the County prosecutor if I'm going to be charged, so I can defend myself, and finally get that stuff done and over with. What a PITA! I guess I better call them and see if there's any info. Maybe someone finally made a reasonable decision and dropped the case? Back home, mom is mired in the Stanley family reunion, I hope she's having fun!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

closet organizer

23x88x91 inches
(A&A's closet dimensions)