Monday, November 3, 2008

thoughts on self improvement

So as these two pages I've just posted show, I'm thinking about self-improvement, particularly how it applies to the kitchen project, the front yard, the back yard, the arage, the bedroom, the kids, and life in general.

Perhaps the biggest thing holding me back, which hasn't changed for years now, is energy level, or lack thereof.

I'm thinking that combining advice from these two disparate sites may help me see a way forward.

Problem is, getting up in the morning and having any gumption is almost unheard of in me. The one site has something to say about that . . . nothing really new, but somehow, it seems do-able now. Of course, my schedule flip-flops, but I think I can get around that ok, as long as i'm motivated.

morning exercise? sounds rough. But maybe if I start small, I might like it . . .just a walk in th eneighborhood?

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